Friends of Lily


Friends of Lily

Friend of Lily is a phrase coined by Full Marriage Equality and represents Someone who is in an adult, consensual,  incestuous relationship or has experienced such a relationship,”  or preferably stated, Someone who is consanguinamorous or has experienced consanguinamory or consanguineous relationships or sex.” It is akin to the phrase Friend of Dorothy. It stems from my novel, Love’s Forbidden Flower, and the main character of Lily Beckett.

This page is for Friends of Lily along with those who seek understanding. The people at the links below will help you find  support. Please feel free to post other helpful links and encouraging comments.

Regarding Full Equality among Consenting Adults, no matter who you are or what you feel and

The Final Manifesto

Information about Genetic Sexual Attraction

Ways for outsiders to show their support

Anon Angel’s You Tube channel (info about GSA)

Information specifically for cousins

Check out these helpful links on the Full Marriage Equality blog:

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What Family and Friends Should Know

Interviews With People in Consanguinamorous Relationships


About the symbol for Friends of Lily

“Sealed with blood, a love that’s doubled A red-hot bond, but lovers troubled A garden of lilies, a crimson flower A stalk of purple, of royals and power.

Leaves of green, for assurance enduring Mysterious rarity, attraction alluring Courage to challenge taboos on affection The forbidden reinforced by prejudiced rejection.

Hidden and shrouded in shadows of black Pain and pleasure, withstanding attack Lovers entwined with soulmate sensations Family and friends, more intense in relations.” ~Keith at Full Marriage Equality


The symbol was created by Cristina. The flower represents their namesake, Lily from the Forbidden Flower books. Additional symbolism includes:

Red – Representing the blood that binds us together in this rare opportunity of “double love”.

Green – Has an emotional correspondence with safety, used in relation to the safety of being with family. It also represents endurance, as our relationships must endure so much discrimination and hate from those people that can’t or won’t understand.

Purple- Represents the mystery and magic of our relationships and is a rare color in nature. We are the rare few in this world who were presented with this opportunity of “double love” and we are rarer still as we are the few who had the courage to seize this most opportunity.

Black- Represents the mystery our relationships are shrouded in due to the oppressive laws we must live and love under.

The circle represents the circle of the family, lover, best friend, and soul mate. The circle is our relationships come full circle.


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  1. I am a fiction writer working on screenplay. It’s crime drama that centers on the murder of a Family Law attorney. I ran across a support group for sibling couples while in California a few years ago and I thought the people I met could make an interesting premise. I promise you I have no interest in putting a negative face on any of your beliefs or writing anything detrimental to the marriage equality movement.
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to corresponding with you.

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