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How Writing Scary Modsters Changed Me

Song of the day: The Ghost of Change

I had almost finished writing Scary Modsters when it hit me: one of our heroes, deceased rock star Peter Lane, had shared his past but he had not shared his thoughts on the present. He had been dead for nearly fifty years and while technology had him a little stymied, what other impressions of 2014 did he have?

Peter Lane’s generation felt they were destined to save the world. Instead he finds that things are just as bad as before (war, hunger, poverty, illness) and in some ways worse (a higher cancer rate, food being poisoned, his race on the verge of extinction). I could not write about a man who woke to the current times and not reflect on the nitty gritty. Sadly, when I tried to look at the world from his shoes, reality stung.

Things have gotten bad—very, very bad. Our race is dying. (As much as medical research is saving lives and increasing the survival rates from some cancers, environmental problems are causing the number of new cases to rise.) Our home is dying. (Yes, when all is said and done the Earth will survive as a planet, but will it be inhabitable?) How can anyone turn his or her back on that?

Peter Lane felt the need to do something about it, and so do I. He changed me. That lively, angsty, fictional character changed how I saw the world. I can’t go back now. I can’t pretend that the world’s problems are not my own. I need to be a part of not only the change but also the revolution. Changing my habits is not enough; I have to convince others to do the same. But where can I start?

Well, I am an author…

Many authors take their books on virtual tours. We go from blog to blog promoting our books. It’s kind of the same old story. Authors ask bloggers to post about their book. Bloggers are then generous of their time and do so. But what if the book was just the catalyst? What if the posts were not about the book but about a mission? A mission to fuel the revolution.

So I put out the call. For the next few days the authors and bloggers listed below are taking part in the Scary Modsters World Improvement Project. They will either post, or host a post by yours truly, about a charity that they feel needs attention, a way to help save the planet, or something that can generally improve a person’s quality of life. Please join me in visiting these blogs and supporting them, not just today but in the future as well. Also, please enter the raffle included at the bottom of this post. Not only will one person win a signed copy of Scary Modsters, but that same person will also have a donation made in their name, or the name of their choice, to one of the following charities: The American Cancer Society (cancer research), St. Jude Children’s Hospital (disease research and care for ill children), or The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (environmental change and animals rescue programs). Since so many fans have shared that autism has touched their lives, I will donate my promotion money for this giveaway to charity. For every 500 entries, I will give $5 to The Autism Society Of America. There is a maximum of $20 (my ad budget) on this donation.

Please be sure to check here frequently as new posts get added to the list. Thank you for reading, and thank you for joining me in the revolution.

Follow the tour:

Agents of Romance – Cancer Fighting Bracelets

Bookworm Brandee – One Man’s Quest For Change (The IS Foundation)

Not Everyone’s Mama – An Amazing Lesson Learned (Cutting Landfill in Half)

Tsukime Reads – Composting In A Nutshell

Author Adrian J Smith – A Heavy Realization (The Impact of Paper Cups)

Lusty Penguin Reviews – Take Steps for Chohn’s and Colitis Walk

K.C. Finn – An Interview with Diane about this project

Beanie Brain Reader – Relay For Life

Escaping Reality Book Reviews – An Interview With Diane Rinella

Aimz Reviews – Cancer Fighting Bracelets

For every 500 entries The Autism Society of America receives $5. Maximum of this donation is $20.
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