Why Wouldn’t He Like Me?

In Something To Dream On, Lizetta asks herself why she doesn’t think she is worthy of attracting a guy as good looking as Jensen. I’ve seen many people fall into this trap. When you ask people why they beat themselves up over their looks, you generally get a simple answer: “I’m not pretty enough.” Well, who says? Then the answer becomes, “People don’t think I am pretty.” First off, it doesn’t matter what people think; it matters what you think! Second, who are these people and why do their opinions matter? What are they basing their judgment on, and how do they see themselves? I have to remember this, because I still fall into this trap. I was bullied in high school. I was called fat and ugly. I am not fat. I am not ugly. You know what is ugly? Self-doubt, which I have.

Seeing headlines like “Ten Hot Celebrities and Their Ugly Spouses” does not help our views. I mean, who is some hack writer at a tabloid to judge? However, as much as those articles are insulting, they are also uplifting. Those terrible articles show that love and inner beauty are what is important to people. Still, how dare a magazine call someone ugly? Who are they to judge? Show me your list of the ten most attractive people in the world and I am betting that several do not fit my definition of attractive in the least. I love that we are so diverse. There is a beauty in how we all find different people and things attractive.

There are those who are primarily attracted to thin people just as there are those who prefer a little roundness. Some love a lot of curves. Some only love specific curves. Do I have a preferred body type for a man? Absolutely! Does a man need to match that ideal for me to be attracted to him? Not in the least.

If I could make a list of things that I would never hear people say again, anything to do with self-doubt would be included. Love yourself; you are the best, and only, you that you have.


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