There Goes My Inspiration

Song of the Day: “There Goes My Inspiration” – The Rubinoos

Inspiration is a byproduct of our surroundings. What we encircle ourselves with rats out who we really are. Have you ever taken a really good look at what is on your desk that is not directly related to work? Fun trinkets and collectables that have crept their influence into my work surround me.

I have what is basically a bookshelf sitting on top of the back of my desk. The items on it sell out a lot about me:

      • A 1970’s fan club card of the Hollies – fully hand signed.
      • The Hollies Long Road Home box set
      • A very old photo of Paul Revere & the Raiders. It was taken from the negative that was used for the cover of their Midnight Ride Lp. The back is fully signed by the original band.
      • An 8×10 of the boys from Supernatural – hand signed by J2.
      • A hand drawn Hermit that was done for me by Peter Noone.
      • A complete set of Jacqueline Susann novels – totally battered.

All of these items either inspired my past work or are inspiring my current work. I hadn’t realized that fact until after the action had happened.
Now for the truly weird:
In Love’s Forbidden Flower Christopher talks to Lily on video chat and extends his hand as if reaching for her. I’ve mentioned before that Christopher’s look was inspired by the guitarist from The Hollies. About a week after I had written that scene I came across a copy of The Hollies album Evolution. Check out the cover:

Yeah, that’s the guy who inspired Christopher reaching his hand out. Freaky, huh? Upon making the connection I had to break down and sell a bunch of stuff so I could buy a limited edition print of the cover, signed by Mr. Tony Hicks himself. It sits to my right every day, as if Christopher is reaching out and guiding the words I type. How crazy cool is that?

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