Thank You – Part 2

I read a fantastic post over at Crystal’s Many Reviewers. Unfortunately it was also a sad one. Crystal made some very important points that I totally agree with. The bottom line is, book bloggers are totally under appreciated.

In the past year I have been blessed with many bloggers reading and reviewing my Forbidden Flower series. Regardless of how much they liked the books, these people took time to read them, write reviews, and then post those reviews. Some of them also conducted interviews, hosted guest posts, and/or created custom graphics. That is one heck of a lot of time for something that they don’t get paid for. Bloggers easily give authors two or three solid days of their lives just for one book. That’s a huge deal!

So to all of the bloggers out there who have helped me, along with so many other authors, the words thank you are just not great enough. I wish I could hug every one of you for the time and attention you have given us authors. I certainly appreciate the hell out of you!

And to all of my readers, thank you as well. The words I left previously on this blog still apply:

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