Symbolism of The Butterfly

When I was working with artist Heidi “Azurylipfes” Darras on the cover of Something To Dream On, she decided that, based on the story, there were a few symbolic elements that the cover really needed. One of them was butterflies. Honestly, I groaned a bit. Butterflies are seen so often that their use is considered overplayed. Then I seriously thought about their meaning, and I could not agree with Heidi more. Two of them had two be on the cover.

Butterflies reflect not only transformation but also evolution and expansion—much like what happens when you get a second chance. Getting a second chance is a lot of what Something To Dream On is about. However, the symbolism of the butterfly goes much deeper. Butterflies reflect changes in our soul. How butterflies create cocoons and accept their impending metamorphosis shows faith. Once more, they accept fate with elegance.

So when Heidi added the butterflies, it further sealed what I already knew. She and I were fated to work together. From my mind to her hands, the universe guided our energies and we transformed our ideas into something wonderful.

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