Romancing The Muse (Stefanos)


Romancing The Muse (Dancing With Stefanos)

 Written in honor of Steve Marriott’s 67th Birthday

A Crown of Glory; Steven (English), Stefanos (Greek)

A few weeks back I had the honor of doing a guest post for Hunter S. Jones’s blog: Dreams of the Muse. (That same post is also on this site here.) When I wrote that post, I left a little something out. While I definitely have one main muse, there are few others that certainly haunt me. I’ve mentioned the late Steve Marriott on this blog before, both in regards to his powerful performances and charismatic personality. His colorful London accent helped me to sprinkle a tad of seasoning onto the Mancunian Christopher in Love’s Forbidden Flower. However, the man with the royal name, who was also once dubbed King of the Mods, kept telling me he was worthy of more.

Stefanos first spoke to me in November 2011. I had just finished watching the documentary “Look Through Any Window” on The Hollies, and guitarist Tony Hicks had given me the catalyst for turning the minor character of Christopher into a novel-changing force to be reckoned with. Next I watched “All Or Nothing,” which told the story of The Small Faces. It was then that Stefanos first came to visit. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Bloody fucking good accent I had. You should use that.” (At least that’s what I think he said. Indeed Stefanos’s accent was bloody fucking good! And yes, the expletive was included. After all, this is Steve Marriott we are talking about here. He was never one to dance around the use of what he felt were appropriate words.)

I went on to write Christopher, a boy who looked and played like Tony Hicks, but grew up to perform like Steve Marriott. When I started writing The Forbidden Flower series, I could not stop listening to The Hollies; however, as I was wrapping it up I could not stop listening to The Small Faces. Somewhere along the line, I picked up a copy of the Marriott bio, “All Too Beautiful,” and became increasingly enamored with the man. Then one night I got another tap on the shoulder. When I turned around and saw the face of Stefanos, I knew I was in trouble. That London-accented voice said, “You know that new idea for a book you are toying with? What if you summoned me back to life and took all that crazy stuff that you are reading and twist it around a bit? Oh, and be sure to make me one of those ‘romantic leads.’ After all, I did always wear my heart of my sleeve.”

Well, if you’ve read my first post on talking to my muse I am sure you can see that it is always pretty much a one-way conversation. Muses plant the seed, I haul out the manure and get on with the nurturing. Since Stefanos had just smacked some gardening gloves in my hand… Well, you see where this is going, right?

Just like Anthony Christopher Hicks had become Christopher, Steven Peter Marriot became deceased rock deity Peter Lane. (Yes, Small Faces fans, I did nab Ronnie’s last name because, why the bloody hell not?) Keep an eye on this blog to see where the man who was all too beautiful took me.
COMING SOON: The return of Peter Lane in Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks.

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