Sha La La La Lee

I’ve (slowly) been reading, It’s All Too Beautiful, the Steve Marriott biography. This morning I learned that he hated the song “Sha La La La Lee.” I was not too surprised to learn this. As catchy as the song is, it’s a bit out of place for the Small Faces. It does, however, tend to get stuck in my head—a lot.

A few hours later I was going through some video footage I just obtained, and, low and behold, there was some live Small Faces in there, including “Sha La La La Lee.” As I watched the video I remembered Steve’s dislike for the song. Funny thing is, I never would have guessed that by watching the power behind his performance. He sang and played his heart out like it was the most important piece ever written. Maybe he was driven by his hatred of the song. Or maybe he was just that kind of guy who gave every performance his all, whether he liked the material or not. As an actor, I can relate to that, but as Joanne Average, I question how much of that attitude I apply in my daily life when faced with things I’d rather not do.

Fast-forward over 45 years and that song now frequently gets stuck in the head of someone who was born well after its release. Obviously Mr. Marriott did something right.

I think we need a little Steve Marriott in all of us.


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