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Give us your tired, your worn, your falling apart shoes.

Did you know that many organizations no longer take used shoe donations? What can you do with those running shoes that you planned to use but actually gather dust in your closet? How about those pumps you bought that you thought you could walk in but can’t? Come on, we all have a pair or two. How about those gym shoes where the soles are falling off?

Funds2orgs hosts shoe, handbag, and clothing drives. They help organizations, at no cost, collect shoes. Funds2orgs then gives said organization forty cents per pound of used shoes. While it may end there for the organization that collected the shoes, it’s really just the beginning. The shoes are sent to third would countries where people are taught how to refurbish them. If the shoes are so damaged that they cannot be fixed, the parts are salvaged or melted down to make other shoes. Once these skills are learned, people are able to start their own businesses. These businesses are known as microenterprises, which are small businesses with minimal employees and capital. They are also the way by which many support their families.

Here is how it works. Once you donate your shoes they are sent to a hub. The hub operators pay Funds2org an operating fee. The shoes are then sold to vendors who are taught how to refurbish and sell them at a profit. Sound simple? It sort of is. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. A friend of mine is doing this right now for the non-profit where she works and people are sending her shoes like crazy. By cleaning out their closets people are helping families build futures. It’s a pretty exciting concept. You can find success stories all over the Internet.

Got shoes to get rid of? Don’t throw them into landfill. Search online for the nearest fundraiser and donate them to a local charity. You will help the charity meet their fundraising goals and help an impoverished family to thrive.

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