Facing Your Past (Reincarnation)

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We’ve all heard the expression regarding how who we have been effects who we will become, such as, maybe you got involved in sports early in life and as a result became an athlete. But have you thought about your unexplainable aspects? Maybe one day you woke up and said, “I’ve always felt comfort while kneading bread dough. How odd.” Maybe you find that notion akin to times where you have met someone with whom you have instantly hit it off, somehow unexplainably knowing what was going on in the depths of their mind.

In Love’s Forbidden Flower, Lily feels that Donovan is her soul mate. It’s a basic truth that she never questions. Eventually, Donovan not only accepts that theory, but also embraces its deeper meaning.

“No matter what transpires between us, in this life or in any other, I will be with you always. You really are my soul mate. We have traveled together before, and we will travel together again.”

Those words showed how much Donovan had matured from a confused boy into a man who was not only facing himself, but his situation on all of its complicated levels. Since he was at such a pivotal point in his life, one filled with harsh self-discovery, why should Donovan’s search for personal redemption be limited to the present?

I’ve always subscribed to the notion that our lives go far beyond the present, that there is a future for us after we die. Logically, by extension, there is a past as well. In my present there were people with whom I have a bizarre affinity in a way that I really can’t explain. I saw a hypnotherapist who specialized in reincarnation. She told me that we travel in groups, that we make friends and allies whom we find time after time, life after life.

In Time’s Forbidden Flower, Donovan is convinced that the special connection he feels with Lily has to do with the relationships they have shared in the past. Dreams wake him, and he’s certain they are not mere fantasy. As a result, he encourages Lily to undergo past life regression. The findings are phenomenal.

Lily’s experiences under hypnosis when she walks down that stairwell, one step for each year of her life, are not unlike my own experiences.

If we’ve lived before, why don’t we remember? That subject gets touched upon in my upcoming novel, Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks. Our brains store our memories. They are intricately attached to our bodies, which act only as shells for our souls. Thus, the brain and the soul are not directly linked. Therefore, when the soul moves on it doesn’t take the brain’s vivid memories with it. It does, however, take the emotions—the core of who you were. These emotions make an imprint, which is why past life memories are more based on emotion than visuals. They stay with us, shaping who we will become for all of eternity.

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  1. There is someone in everybody’s life that you have a connection to that is hard to explain.. I have that such person… and I believe until we work out whatever it is we are supposed to. We will keep meeting in different life times till we figure it out.

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