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Scary Modsters … and Creepy Freaks (see below for an excerpt) is a part of my Rock and Roll Fantasy Collection – a group of novels and novellas. The standalone novels feature characters, with a deep-seeded love of music, who find their lives kissed with paranormal encounters. The novellas feature the sidekicks you can’t help but love. When all is said and done, each complete story will tie together to form a bigger picture.


About Scary Modsters: Rosalyn possesses a sunny personality that is laced with quirks. Although she seeks acceptance in a world where she lives out of time, what she gets is ridiculed for her eclectic wardrobe and unconventional music collection.

One fateful night, Rosalyn bewitches Niles, a stylish man whose offbeat character perfectly complements her own. Unfortunately, he possesses a critical flaw that means relationship suicide for him and pretty much anyone.

While under the influence of insomnia-impaired judgment, Rosalyn summons Rock ‘n Roll deity Peter Lane back from the dead. Not only does he spin her hormones into a frenzy, Peter is also the precarious puzzle piece that brings sense into her world. When Niles learns that he can overcome his life-long challenge by helping Peter avenge his death, how far will he go to secure Rosalyn’s heart?


And now, introducing the prequel, It’s A Marshmallow World, which I am proud to say is a part of the Mischief Under the Mistletoe box set, now available for pre-order and releasing on November 17, 2015. Just 99 cents!











One Christmas, Darla was given a mystical gift, along with an ominous message. Years later, meeting Chris puts her head in a spin. Could it be that gift from long ago holds the key to their happiness?

Stay tuned, because more stand alone stories are coming, including Voices Carry, about a man who suddenly starts hearing voices, and Queen Midas In Reverse, where we learn more about Jacqueline from Scary Modsters and all of her freaky dates.

Excerpt from Scary Modsters


May 13, 1966 was a day most wouldn’t give a turnip over. Take a look at this picture. You see that guy? The smarmy, dark-haired, young businessman sitting behind that big, wood desk? That’s Ben Stoddard, or as he likes to call himself, Big Ben. I refer to him as Mr. B.S.. He’s the one who took me. I mean he took everything—my career, my happiness, the girl I loved, and my life.

Now look to those four young lads sitting across from him—the ones that seem as if they’ve never had a penny to their names. The ones eager to sign on that dotted line. That handsome devil with the sandy blonde hair and the stupid grin—that’s me, Peter Lane; singer, guitarist, huge chump, and idiot extraordinaire. I was on top of the world at that moment. We all were. You know that witticism about how you have to be careful you don’t sign your life away? It’s no joke, because that’s exactly what I was doing.

We had just been given a new car, a swanky apartment, and unlimited credit at all the fancy boutiques on Carnaby Street. You’ve heard of Carnaby, right? The place where every self-respecting mod paid too much for clothes he couldn’t afford, even if they had been offered at fair prices. We were told to dress like we owned the world because we soon would. A tour was being planned so we could conquer America, just like The Beatles. All we had to do was sign on that little piece of paper you see on Mr. B.S.’s desk. We signed it in blue ink from a fountain pen—but had we known whom we were dealing with we would have pricked ourselves and used blood.

Two years later I was hovering above my casket, watching people lower my body into a dark, dirt hole, and cringing at how the once beautiful man had become broken, burnt to a crisp, and about to be devoured by worms.

Everyone thought it was an accident.

Then and there I vowed revenge. Plotting it was easy, but finding my way back was another story.




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