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Naming Something To Dream On


Naming a book can be a fun challenge. It is also very stressful. Just because a title is catchy does not mean that people will latch on to it, let alone be intrigued enough to buy the product. In fact, any marketing person will tell you there is a science to naming a product. Sadly, Indie authors are not marketing people, nor do we generally have any at our disposal. As a result, Indies will often name their projects in a way that they find not only fitting, but also artistically liberating. Case in point, anyone who has clued in that the name of my novel, Scary Modsters … and Creepy Freaks, is a parody of a David Bowie album has loved the book. Others have had their interest grabbed by the play on words. They also love the book. Then there are those who have no inkling as to why a book would have such an odd name. Fortunately, those who take a chance on it see the big picture and come to appreciate the humor.

I had just about gotten half of the way through the first draft of Something To Dream On when inspiration for the title hit. I had already established that dreams would play a big part in the story, but working that into a title just wasn’t clicking. Then I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I am not one to spend a lot of time looking at fish, but it was hard to tear me away from their jellyfish exhibit. It was totally psychedelic! Not only was I bathed in black light, everywhere I turned there were walls of glowing fish. One room had giant tubes of them and was surrounded by mirrors that made the display even more surreal. It was like going to a wild party under the sea!

When I finally tore myself away and left the exhibit, a quote on the wall halted me in my tracks.


“You have to give people something to dream on.” – Jimi Hendrix

I stared, stunned. It was perfect! The universe had given me the title and placed it before me in giant letters. I took a photo of the quote and knew my latest work had been named.

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  1. That’s totally awesome love this

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