Metaphysics In Literature


From Wikipedia:

“Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it, although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

What is ultimately there?

What is it like?”


Some equate the notion of metaphysics with fantasy. I find that it is a terrific way to create mystery. Not only are the theories unproven and thus in a state of flux that can be toyed with, but also many people believe that there is more to the universe than what meets the eye and seek understanding of that which cannot be seen. I find metaphysics to be the perfect literary device. It is like basing fantasy on reality. Or is it like basing reality on fantasy? Either way you choose to look at it, metaphysics helps an author bridge the gap between fact and fiction.

Personally, I find that reincarnation would explain a lot about how individuals act. Anyone who has read my novel Scary Modsters … and Creepy Freaks has seen how a person’s unremembered past can influence their present. In Time’s Forbidden Flower, a lot is explained about the connection that Lily and Donovan have based on the lives that they have shared. It is my personal belief that, just like in the daily lives we live, the events of the past influence how we handle our tomorrows.

Something To Dream On begins with a Tarot reading that foresees doom. That is just the tip of the iceberg into the world of divination and the workings of the universe. From there the book blooms with characters that show us how the universe interlocks all of our prayers and actions into one unit. All the metaphysical aspects of Something To Dream On are based on ancient beliefs. I hope that readers will open their minds to the possibilities of the universe.

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