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A fairy tale princess? Rosalyn? No way!

Well, actually, maybe a little …

In her own way.

Just like everything else with Rosalyn, here she breaks the mold!

Rosalyn, appropriately dubbed Rox by her dad due to her love of Rock ‘n’ Roll, is a thirtysomething woman who possesses a sunny personality that is laced with quirks. She seeks acceptance in a world that ridicules her for her eccentric wardrobe and her eclectic music collection. When she accidentally summons Rock ‘n’ Roll deity Peter Lane (the king of the mods) back from the dead, her world flips upside down.

I’m betting this doesn’t match any of the fairy tale princesses you know. So how is she like one? And just which one is she like?

Well, with Rox you need to think out of the box and delve into the vast world of pop culture. In Scary Modseters … and Creepy Freaks (Anyone get the David Bowie reference?), Rox’s new love interest, Niles, comments that she is a “Cinderella Sunshine” type. While that may not mean much to you, it means everything to her. “Cinderella Sunshine” was a song from the 60’s, and a slightly obscure one at that. It was done by the legendary Paul Revere and the Raiders and talks about a girl who weeps from time.

Not only does Rox get the reference, Niles knowing it makes her see him in a whole new light. Even more importantly, her reaction drives home to the reader just how different she is.


“It’s hard to be somebody you’re not. You nailed it with the ‘Cinderella Sunshine’ reference.” While I keep my cool outward demeanor, inside my mind my arms are being thrown up in surrender to the truth I wish I could change. “As much as I love who I am, I feel completely out of place in this world.”


The events that transpire in her life after this are like a fairy tale. Niles is her knight in shining armor, yet he has an issue that could prevent him from ever finding true happiness. Meanwhile, she’s got the ghost of Peter Lane on her tail. He’s no fairy godmother, but he holds the key to Niles and Rox’s happiness. Is Peter willing to so what it takes to save the day?



 Scary Modsters … and Creepy Freaks is available on Amazon.




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Am I a lot like Rosalyn. (Okay, truthfully, I pretty much AM Rosalyn. I am Cinderella Sunshine. I have half a closet full of mod dresses and a music / memorabilia collection that will make both your parents and your grandparents jealous! So I ask, what is that quirk that makes you stand out? Wave your freak flag in the comments below and tell me what makes you awesome!!!




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  1. I wouldn’t say it is a quirk or makes me stand out but I can be a pretty good listener. My friends know if they have to vent or just need to talk something out, they know I can lend my ear.

  2. Forgot my email address, sorry shannon42013@hotmail.com

  3. I collect Breast Cancer stuff, from keychains to small mirrors to anything that is breast cancer awareness.
    I have a breast cancer (all bulbs to support breast cancer) garden in my yard. My neighbors all come over in the summer when I am tending it to talk about how beautiful the flowers are.

  4. Samantha Sidelinger

    i collect rocks, love anything paranormal, write to my own beat and empathic.

  5. *waves my freak flag*
    Hmm… this one’s hard I don’t think I have really have any. But I do “stalk” my favorite authors and support anyone in anyway does that count? FYI Diane your out of milk 😉

  6. *waves my freak flag*
    Hmm… this one’s hard I don’t think I have really have any. But I do “stalk” my favorite authors and support anyone in anyway does that count? FYI Diane your out of milk 😉 oh Darla.roybal@yahoo.com

  7. I love to sport my slippers wherever I go. They are my most comfortable shoes!

  8. Christina Sutherland

    My quark is that I laugh at everything. Well almost. I am serious when I need to be. But sometimes in stressful situations I laugh. My husband hurt himself by falling off his bike and broke his hand I laughed then asked if he was ok. I also apologize for everything even if it wasn’t my fault. (darn my Canadian upbringing). I don’t have many odd ball things.

    Thank you for letting me enter.

  9. Hmm…since I was 12, I’m 24 now, I have colored my hair every couple of months and it has never been the same color twice. And it’s never a ‘natural’ color. I love my weird hair!

  10. I don’t know that I have a real quirk. Maybe that I love to read and I always have a book in hand. lilacqueen75@gmail.com

  11. My quirk I believe all would say probably would be my inability to meet a stranger, I talk to all and carry a bright southern charm and even dress for it! Cinderella is my idol…all of us are a princess inside! Purplerose21_77@yahoo.com #DianeRinella #ScaryModsters

  12. Terri Hubbard Carle

    Yes I would love love love to win!! theresacarle@yahoo.com

  13. wow this would be super the day befroe my bd and then love choc

  14. I am an animal lover! My house is crummy because of it too! That is my freak flag!

  15. Not sure if I do or not. cherry203@hotmail.com

  16. I’m an introvert, quiet and live in my head a lot. I don’t understand why certain popular things are popular because they don’t appeal to me. People like me when they get to know me, but they have to make an effort because I don’t do small talk well.

  17. Diane Rinella is an amazing author and a wonderful person. I love being on her street team

  18. I have many weird quirks. One of my weird quirks is that I love to eat/drink while I watch my tv shows. It’s very hard for me to watch a show without eating something. Guess it’s a miracle that I’m not overweight, lol.


  19. don’t have any weird quirks

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  20. Im a lot like Theresa. Im shy, i stutter when around new people, and bauble. lol I dont do small talk well. When i laugh, sometimes, a snort will sneak out too. lol Im odd and quirky. Like others, some popular things, i dont get and dont get into. Im a stay at home person, which to my family, is weird. lol Im different and proud of it! Oh! And i have a tendency to talk to myself and the characters in my books. lol Thanks! That was a lot of fun!

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