Defining Beauty

In Something To Dream On, Lizetta experiences a cruel and unjust reality: there are some who believe that beauty has a narrow definition. If you don’t fit it, you can’t possibly be pretty, let alone attractive. As someone who disagrees with this, I have to be honest and say that when it comes to judging my own looks, I can’t help but fall into the trap.

Why is it that I can see a friend who is not “Hollywood attractive” and think she looks amazing, yet when it comes to my reflection, if I see anything short of a super model I am disappointed? I’ve spent my entire life fighting society’s ideals and seeing the beauty in others, yet I constantly short change myself. This is sad. Who do I blame for my twisted, double standard? Society? Hollywood? Barbie dolls? The kids at school who teased me?

When it comes down to it, I can only blame myself. There lies the key. If you have a twisted standard for beauty, like I do, you need to look at the bottom line. I’d rather look like me than like anyone else because I love whom I am. Most people feel this way; we all just need to remember it. No matter how you feel about your physical appearance, I dare you to look in the mirror on your wall as well as the mirror in your soul and appreciate your beauty.






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