Composting In A Nutshell

For the longest time I didn’t get why composting is so important. I mean, if you throw something into the compost bin, it becomes soil, right? So, if you throw it into landfill, doesn’t it breakdown the same way, thus having a similar effect on the environment? It just becomes land again, right?

Well, sort of, but there are a few differences. Of course there is the obvious one that compost is used to nourish plants instead of adding to nutrients to the trash. Then there is something less obvious. One of the many problems with landfills is methane gas. The layers under a landfill do not receive oxygen. This lack of oxygen causes methane to form. However, compost is exposed to oxygen. This is done by either turning it or through the work of worms and other living organisms. When this happens, instead of methane you get carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide helps produce food of better quality and in greater quantity. So it’s not just a simple case of six of one, half a dozen of the other. It’s a case of doing harm verses bringing improvement.

Here are some things that you can compost that you may not have known about:

    • Egg cartons
    • burlap
    • non-coated paper plates
    • pizza boxes
    • cereal boxes
    • butter wrappers
    • dryer lint

For more ideas, take a scan through this list.

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