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People visit this blog for many reasons. Some are here because they surf in looking for something random and Google plops them here. Some pop in to see what goofy thing I’m blabbing about. However, some of you come here because of Love’s Forbidden Flower and the relationship depicted. Some are curious, and some get it—like, you really get it, because you are there, or have been there, or want to go there and are scared. Maybe you just want to know if I am one of them—or rather, one of you.

Here are your answers.

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For those wondering how people react or who are here to cringe

Since I pushed the publish button on Love’s Forbidden Flower I have been both praised and condemned. The praise comes from those who don’t see a problem with any consensual adult relationship, those who do but strive to understand, and, by far most importantly in my eyes, those who are involved in these forbidden relationships. There seem to be only one type that truly bash the subject—those who find it icky. I’ll be very frank, I wrote the book the way I did for a reason: To help correct society’s misconception. While some consanguinamorous relationships do involve abuse or people who are dysfunctional, the vast majority do not. Readers of this blog and Love’s Forbidden Flower know that 10-15% of all college age adults have had some kind of sexual contact with a close relative. It is common. Odds are you know someone in this situation and have no clue at all.

Love’s Forbidden Flower is a love story involving two people who happen to be siblings. I don’t treat it like anything but that. In most love stories the sparks start flying in the first chapter. This book is no different, except that the two met long ago. Some have said I should have eased the reader into Lily’s revelation. I ask why I would do that. How often do you read romances that take chapters and chapters for the reader to slowly discover that the guy in front of the heroine has a special effect on her heart? This is a romance novel, and these characters are just like everybody else.

Yes, I have gotten some nasty responses. (I’m not bashing a few bad reviews. I respect those. It happens. No one writes for everyone.) I’m talking about nasty comments from people who, frankly, don’t understand. These people either take on a “how dare you not see where this is wrong” or a “how dare you treat people in such a sensitive situation as if they are normal” approach. To those few who have been rude, I’ll be honest. You got to me at first. You really did. You threw me into tears and had me thinking I had insulted the people I was trying to help, but I have to tell you all a story.

The very day I got my harshest piece of criticism ever, one that damn near killed me inside, I was also contacted by a very special group of people. People who, clearly unlike the person who had earlier contacted me, understood why I did things the way I did because they are Lilys and Donovans. I was welcomed by them and thanked for my acceptance of their situations. They have praised my understanding and how I have handled the subject by treating them as the good and functional people they are. They have told me that I have paralleled their lives and called the coincidences in my book uncanny. Most importantly, some of these people have gone on to become treasured friends. Suddenly those nasty comments from the few who don’t understand rolled off my back and drifted off into another universe. They no longer matter. What matter are my friends, and I love every last one of my friends, no matter who they are or how I met them.

I have to say that the most humbling compliment ever came a few days ago when someone coined the phase Friend of Lily to be akin to the phrase Friend of Dorothy. It’s miraculous to know that you have some kind of positive impact on people. When I saw that page I knew, in no uncertain terms, that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

If you find consensual adult incest icky, thank you for your time, but please do not read my Forbidden Flower series. It is simply not for you, and I respect that. (Seriously, you will hate it.)

For those of you thinking you might want to test the water, please read Chapter One.

For those of you who seek understanding, thank you for coming here and for trusting me to guide you in the right direction. The section below is for you.

Dorothy slipped on sparkly red shoes and charged forward. Lily did it in black stilettos with little bows on the back. Whatever shoes you find yourself in, I wish you love.

Meanwhile, the journey ends on August 19, 2013 with Time”s Forbidden Flower.

For Understanding and Support visit the Friends of Lily section


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