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Helping to save the world can be as simple as recycling something to keep it out of landfill. Other times it involves expensive and complex science, like cancer research. All of us want to save the planet and end the suffering its inhabitants are enduring, but it seems daunting. It can also be costly. In a time of economic crisis, how do you find money to donate? Once more, who has the time to volunteer? When you work long hours every bit of down time is precious. So how do you make it all work?

The point of the Scary Modsters World Improvement Project is to help both the planet and its inhabitants. Ron Foos does both daily. Ron is best known as long time (over forty years) bassist for acclaimed 1960’s rock icons Paul Revere & The Raiders. What many don’t know is that he is a resourceful man on a mission. Having watched the suffering of numerous family members, friends, and fans, Ron wanted to find a way to increase cancer awareness, raise money for research, and to bring forth some smiles along the way. Since he had a bunch of used guitar and bass strings that seemed destined for landfill, he got to work and discovered a new talent—jewelry making.

With the little bit of free time he has between touring, composing, producing & recording, Ron recycles his used bass strings. He admits, “It’s hard to know which strings are from which recordings or tours with such artists as: Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron, Mitch Ryder, Righteous Bros’ Bill Medley, The Association, Kenny G’s Jon Raymond, The Supremes’ Mary Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Billy Ray Cyrus, Paul Revere & The Raiders and many others…..” One thing we know is, they are all full of his DNA and lots of Rock n Roll history. He adds clasps, beads, and other adornments to create treasures. In turn, each month he sends a check to the American Cancer Society for a portion of the proceeds. This means that he is saving the planet, helping to fight cancer, and getting his downtime in while being productive and bringing happiness to the fans that buy them. (He even gets some serious bidding wars going!) You can’t get much of a bigger win than that.

To learn more about Ron’s cancer fighting bracelets, visit him at

Do you have a similar project? I’d love to hear about it!

This post is pert of the Scary Modsters World Improvement Project. For every 500 entries The Autism Society of America receives $5. Maximum of this donation is $20.
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  1. You are amazing Diane, Thanks so much for sharing your blog and help spread the word about Cancer awareness at the same time. You are not only a inspiring stage actress, attractive model, and powerful spokesperson ~ You are a GOOD person…..and thats a “Good Thing Baby”. Thank you for all that YOU do.
    Your bass buddy,
    Ron Foos

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