The Little Black Egg

(Originally Published November 2012)

Simply, my life is a juggling act. The trick to juggling isn’t knowing what egg you threw into the air first, but which one is the heaviest because it will win the gravity war. The thing is, sometimes I find eggs crashing down, but I’m not the one who tossed them. I need to keep other people’s eggs out of my air space. (I’ve learned a trick though; I color code mine in black, purple, and hot pink. Sometimes they sparkle. Unadorned ones be damned! You all are on your own.) The sneaky ones are the ones I threw up years ago, aiming for the moon and thinking they may never find earth again. Those little buggers come down fast and splatter the hardest when they fall.

Today’s egg is getting my blog back. Damn hackers! Hopefully this one I can keep safe. Being true to my spirit, this egg is pink. As for those other eggs, the rest of you might want to hide because there are few that even if I catch, you may wish I had let them splatter and rot. You’ve been warned!

And if anyone gets that the title of this entry is a song by The Nightcrawlers, you’re just freakin’ awesome!

The post was originally made about a year ago. Guess who got hacked again? As you go through my blog, some things may seem like they should have been posted at a different point in time. Well, they originally were.

The more you know…